About QDSI


The Qatar Decision Sciences Institute Chapter (QDSI) is among the first few chapters that were established as regional chapters outside USA. The chapter was inaugurated in August 2020 as part of the Asian/Pacific Division.  The goal of QDSI chapter is to support the goals and objectives of the Decision Sciences Institute.   The QDSI will be recognized in the Middle East region as a scholarly professional entity that contributes to the creation, fostering, and disseminates knowledge to enhance decision-making process. To achieve the above vision, the QDSI will:

  • Enhance the building of local competencies in the country and the region in terms of holding frequent seminars and workshops to provide the opportunity for researchers, professionals, students, and state institutions to meet and discuss the latest developments related to the use of technology in decision-making process.
  • Leave a clear mark in the country by developing and disseminating knowledge related to the sciences of decision-making and developing teaching and research environment through building a network of researchers, students, and professionals to disseminate the best scientific and practical practices in the field of decision-making sciences.
  • Be the main driver and motive in the country and the region to highlight the importance of following the principles and scientific standards in making fact-based decisions.

Since its inception and during the COVID-19 Pandemic, QDSI chapter organized two online workshops.  In the near future, QDSI chapter is planning to organize an international conference involving scholars in the region and beyond.